A small but now inspired group enjoyed two fantastic sessions with Ian Batt.


DSLR  and High Definition Video

With a little shift in the way you think…

Some inspiration and tips from one who knows….

The results are impressive even for the beginner!


Check out Ian’s latest project using DSLR High Definition Video launched last week.


An enormous thanks to Ian Batt for volunteering his time this weekend.

Ian is a long standing supporter of GSFI and we can not thank him enough for his contributions each year.


The team at GSFI would also like to thank Brendan Edelman from PRA Imaging

who was kind enough to supply equipment for the workshops.


A small group were very lucky to score one on one attention from Barry Evans on Sunday 24th to learn the basics of editing using their own footage with Pinnacle Movie Maker. This session also proved perfect for those families who really needed to cover the very basics!

A SCOPE team member, Barry is a volunteer Media Consultant at the Albany Primary School. Now retired, Barry has had an extensive career in skills photography, documentary making, and independent films, working with BBC ITV, Channel 4 and National Geographic. He has a keen interest in sharing his expansive experience and skills with his students and young people in the community.

The team at SCOPE and GSFI would like to sincerely thank Barry for his kind voluntary assistance in sharing his knowledge, skills and time on the day.

If you are keen for more PC based editing workshops please email admin@gsfi.org.au.

This is the final SCOPE workshop for 2010. The SOPE team are currently finalising their program for 2011. So…stay tuned!

Congratulations to all of the team who participated in the this amazing performance with a difference.

The Colour of Forgetting…it had it all…illusion, movement, circus, animation and puppetry, create a visually intoxicating show that delighted audiences of all ages.

It was amazing to see the depth of talent from the inspiring young crew.

GSFI’s SCOPE team were proud to partner with SEA to create such a wonderfully spectacular performance as part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations.

For those of you who missed out on the opportunity to see this performance, click here to check out the highlights filmed and edited by 14 yo Dempsey Augustson.

Demspsey did a fantastic job in filming the performance for us.

Many thanks to both Dempsey Augustson and Barry Evans for their efforts and support.

Want to see more animations towards the project? Click here.


SCOPE recently held one of our best workshops to date!  12 young film makers gathered together at Centro Shopping centre, cased the joint and wrote a very entertaining TV Ad!  The workshop was headed by Peter Pritchard (film director and editor), Barry Evans (retired BBC  cameraman) and Jon Doust (actor and comedian).

Keen to see more…?

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